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Advice and help for race directors

At Granite State Race Services, we know that the job of a race director isn’t an easy one. Some people make careers out of it, but for most race directors this is a very part time job. Some may be taking it on for the first time and are in need of a lot of help. Whatever your level of race-directing experience we can offer you helpful advice on any aspect of your race. While our focus is on timing and finish line management, the overall success of your race is our goal as well as yours. Feel free to ask us anything in the weeks leading up to your race, or on site on race day. We’ll do our best to help.

There is a lot of very helpful information on directing road races out on the web. Follow some of these links to learn more.

The Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) has an Event Directors section of their website that is full of useful information. They also offer an excellent race director online certification course.

Race Director HQ has an impressive number of resources for first time or experienced race directors.

Runner’s World is home to Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivray’s “Ask The Race Director” blog. Here Dave answers common questions that race directors and runners have about some of the more confusing or controversial aspects of the road race scene. Well worth reading all of them.

Road Race Management.  A look at race directing from the professional management side, although they do offer publications and forums to assist the beginning race director.

Check out RUNZY and their blog for race directors.

Take a look at our page of ideas on how to promote your race.