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Event Swag

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The Running USA website has a useful article titled "What Event Swag Do Athletes Actually Want?" If you've been wondering whether the swag you offer, be teeshirts or medals or something entirely different, is the best way to go, give it a read. Some of the main points were:

  • The 2022 Running USA Global Survey found that 16% of respondents consider the medal or finisher award when choosing a race.
  • If you give out medals make sure they are enticing, exciting or different. Customize them to incorporate the theme of the race, or use local materials.
  • While in the past teeshirts made of technical running materials were all the rage, the trend now is towards softer blend materials that can be worn in more situations, although heavy 100% cotton unisex shirts still aren't in favor.
  • 57% of runners surveyed said they wished races offered something other than just a finisher t-shirt. Most popular were either hats or canvas bags or duffles.
  • Don't offer the same swag year after year. Mix it up.
  • Runners like things they can actually use.