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Slow Summer

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Guidance from the State of NH

Road races and other sporting events are starting to come back around the country, but not very many and generally only small events that can institute effective social distancing modifications. The State of New Hampshire recently okayed the resumption of road races and other similar endurance events, and they issued some guidelines that are helpful. I encourage every race director thinking of holding an actual event later this year to download and review the document. It is eight pages long and the first six talk about general guidelines for sporting events. Road race-specific items begin on page seven. Most of the recommended guidelines mirror what we've mentioned in some of our previous race director blogs. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about how to go about implementing these, and how GSRS can adapt our our timing methods to support social distancing.

Helpful Information from the USATF-NE

For links to the latest guidelines from New Hamsphire and other states in New England, bookmark this page from the USATF-New England website. In addition to the latest news their "Return to Play" website has a wide variety of useful information for any race director hoping to put on a race in the coming months.

RaceJoy For Anywhere

We're working with a number of upcoming virtual races who are using RaceJoy's service to time and track runners on the official race courses, but now the RaceJoy app can also track runners who do their virtual runs anywhere, including on a treadmill. Read more about the full RaceJoy service on our website here.